Major war engulfing the world. Three tribes in the world, namely the Roman, Teutonic, and Gallic tribes are fighting to destroy that brought destruction of the world, the tribe that always brings a sense of fear wherever they are, even heard the name alone, was able to make balls shrunken army, that Natar. Natar troops was so amazing, they are stronger than the Roman, faster than the Teutons, and more clever than Gallic. This makes the war very difficult to be terminated immediately. Countless numbers of troops who became casualties of war. Both of the Romans, Teutons and Gauls as well as from the Natar.

The battle had reached the peak, the 16 villages that help Natar been successfully destroyed. And now, the only remaining Capital and Capital Natar joint force based in the Roman village. Early morning, the Romans, Gauls and Teutons began to move closer to the Village Natar, distance far enough to make them requires time and enough energy to reach the Capital Natar. They choose the path that much, so they can attack from the back door Natar village, this part of the village are less guarded. Therefore, the arrival of troops Natar joint forces do not realize this. When dawn came, Combined Roman, Teutonic, and Gallic move directly invade the Capital Natar.
Bloody war can not be avoided. This battle lasted for 3 days without stopping. Until finally Lucius, Natar Emperor died at the hands of Calvin, the General Roman. The death of Emperor make Natar troops into chaos, making it easy for troops Gauls and Teutons to kill them. All Natar troops were killed, the Capital Natar razed, and since then, History on Natar lost as the earth swallowed up, never again sounded the existence of the tribe Natar. The world into peace, no more terror or the threat of war. But no one knows, that Lucius has a child of unknown whereabouts.

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