In a Teutonic tribe village, there lived a young man named Vale, he was an orphan, he lived with his grandfather at the palace, his grandfather was a very famous Teutonic Chief, Chief of Venus. Vale is a very strong young man, very perfect stature, big tall with prominent muscle in her arms and legs. He also mastered the ability to fight on a horse with a very good, therefore, he became a knight of the Teutonic Knight's class at his grandfather's village. He oversees 100 000 clubswingers, 50,000 spearmen, axemen 250,000, 75,000 paladin, and 150,000 Teutonic Knight. In performing its duties, he assisted two people trust, Tyranus and Vulcano. They also come from the Teutonic Knight class. Under the control of Vale, the peace village are well preserved.
Until one night, a big voice that shook the earth,
'BRAKK' fences that protect the land of the village collapsed. About 200 large elephant followed by thousands of horsemen coming. They are really scary, they dress in black, red hair, and very tall stature. Strength them difficult to surpass, even by the Teutonic knights armed to the teeth though. Vale as a squad leader immediately gather the troops and immediately conduct the war. 'Keep our Village, Tebas until they run out, leaving a bit Jagan!' Troops were soon advanced to the center of the village that became a battlefield. In an instant the atmosphere of a quiet night by the whistling bullets solved friction catapults and swords clashing. Teuton troops really have to work hard to face this unknown enemy attacks, especially against the troop rode a really strong axes and stunning, a hatchet troops riding is capable of 8 to 10 troops massacred Teutons. Vale aware of the situation increasingly desperate, so he immediately gave orders

'Move the Chief to a safe place! Hide him to another village or a safe place anywhere! Hurry up! "

Volcano then immediately take 50 Teutonic Knights, 100 Spearmen and 50 Paladin to go to the palace and carried off Chief of Venus.
The fight continues, Tyranus and Vale who are childhood friends really is very compact, combination swing their swords are really great, almost no slotted, each time the Vale in danger, Tyranus was always ready to resist attack. But toughness Vale and Tyranus is not much help, the Teutonic Knights continue to experience difficulties, this unknown force is really violent, even though the Knights have been trained to target the enemy's neck, this time a very different enemy, a large body stature makes it difficult battle. But they do not give up and keep fighting!

Switch to Vulcano, after negotiations, Vulcano and Chief Venus finally agreed to go into hiding in a remote little village in the west. Although remote, this village has been developed previously.

'We're headed in the west village, and we will arrive in about 30min. Please all the troops on guard duty to protect the Chief 'commands Volcano

The journey was begun, in the first trip went well. But when going into a village ..

to be continued......................

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