This is the eighth biggest Animals Throughout History of Life on Earth

This is the eighth biggest Animals Throughout History of Life on Earth

1. Argentinosaurus: Greatest of All Time in Mainland

It is the largest land animals of all time. It has a length of about 45 meters and weighing about 95 tons or 30 times the weight of the African elephant.

These creatures live in the Cretaseous or 100 million years ago. They live in groups and often fall prey to the giant predators like Giganotosaurus.

2. Ornithocheirus: Biggest ever fly

It is the largest creature ever to fly. The wings of this creature from end to end along the 46 feet or 18 meters. Even in the wings is enough to accommodate 2 car family. Ornithocheirus eating fish.

Creature of this size can fly because its body is made hollow so it is easy to fly. Despite this huge creature, this creature is often a meal or Sarchosucus Deinosuchus.

3. Giganotosaurus: Predator Army Greatest of All Time

Giganotosaurus was crowned as the largest land predator ever. Gigan's body structure is similar to t-rex.

But t-rex is shorter and his body 'only' about 9 meters, while Gigan adults can reach 13 meters. This giant dropped the prey live in groups in a bleak magnitude Argentinosaurus adult.

4. Liopleurodon: All Time Greatest Sea Predators

Liopleurodon mentioned are the largest marine predators of all time. These creatures have teeth along the 30cm, and the skull along the 5 meter.

The maximum length of the body of this monster is 25 meters. Food is of course a monster whale's body and many many other fleshy creatures. Life 140 million years ago.

5. Megalodon

Megalodon is a kind of shark that lived in ancient times. These sharks were the ancestors of sharks and thus has an enormous size. Megalodon small measuring about 6 meters in length.

While adult Megalodon measuring about 18 meters or by boat. Food is usually a whale shark. The way they eat is also similar to modern sharks.

6. Sarcoshucus: Predator Amphibious Greatest of All Time

Sarcosuchus, close relatives of the crocodile is the largest crocodile species in the crocodile family. The length of this giant monster's body about 50 feet with a weight of about 8-10 tons, or nearly equal to the size of a bus.

Sarcosuchus sometimes can take a giant dinosaur who likes to drink the water in the river where sarcosuchus live.

7. Deinosuchus

This creature is the ancestor of the crocodile family. If the length sarcosuchus mouth, not in deinosuchus. Deinosuchus allegedly have teeth as long as 10 cm, and her mouth has a bite strength of 10,000 pounds or 2 times as strong as a lion bite.

This creature has a length of 45 feet and weighing about 12 tons. Although a large body size, these creatures also have a high jump. Deinosuchus could take an adult size Pterodactyl.

8. Blue Whale: World's Largest Animals (currently)

Blue Whale or so-called blue whale, can be regarded as the largest creature in the world today. With about 100 feet long and weighing more than 50 tons of blue whales, of course, crowned as the largest creature in the world.

But maybe there's something odd with this creature, although the size is classified as very large, these whales eat only plankton and small organisms in water.

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