Baturaden is a regional tourist attraction located in Banyumas, Central Java. The area is famous tourist attraction with its natural ambience of the cool and fresh, because it is under the foot of Mount Slamet. In addition to the cool atmosphere, Baturaden also save the beautiful natural charm.

Baturaden name itself comes from the word "Batur" which means servant and "Raden" which means Lord. Less is more story in the ancient times there is a man named Suta. He lived in a Duchy which was led by a wealthy Duke. Suta job every day is to take care of the horses owned by majikanya it.

One time Suta want the streets to enjoy the fresh air after dealing majikanya owned horses. He's around and as it passes through Taman Sari (baths), Suta surprised to hear there cries for help.
"Aaaaaa ... .. please .... please!" Suta loss to find where the screaming was coming from.
Until the end he followed the sound and found the lady who was helpless under a big tree there.
"Pu .. Princess ..," stammered Suta call to see events in hadapanya.
"Please kang,, please ..." arms while pointing to a huge snake in there. Ukuranya make Suta surprise, the snake was in the tree and was preparing to devour the Princess who is not helpless.
"Te .. calm daughter" Suta confusion, he must immediately rescue the princess before the snake menelanya round.
He panicked and then the consideration to find something near the entrance. A long and strong bamboo. Suta quickly runs toward the princess because the snake was now ready to devour the Princess with his mouth which was wide open. Suta hit him with the wood just in time before the snake managed to touch the Princess. Suta hit him repeatedly in the head until the snake finally died.

"Princess, what Princess okay?" Suta then hugged her daughter continued to cry.
"Thanks kang, .." he said huskily.

Since then the two became even closer. Every day after Suta finished taking care of the horses Duke, she met Prince at the Taman Sari. Both are in love and planned to get married.

The news that the Princess in a relationship with an aide to the Duke's horses were scattered in the Duchy. Duke was furious to hear that the daughter in a relationship with one of baturnya.
"Anyway I do not agree the Suta mempersuntingmu My daughter wanted to" specifically on the Princess.
"But Dad, I want kang Suta so my husband .. He who saved my life at that time dad," he said with sorrow.
"Remember your position child, you are a Princess Duke. Si Suta ... it was just a maid, a servant who did not deserve to be your future husband my daughter." Duke said, standing by with fury.
"... We loved each father, Anand feelings are never understood my father?" he said as he burst into tears.
"No way!!. Ananda will father Match with royalty too! ...
Batur shelf forever, and you're my daughter you Raden (nobility), a child of the Duke .. What did my people later? , My father still does not agree! ".
Hearing this the Princess could do was cry.
The next day Suta was arrested and thrown into prison for daring to apply Princess kesalahanya the Duke. Suta were deprived of food and drink and even where the prison was flooded waist deep. To the extent that Suta sick with a fever after several days held there.

Hearing the news that not wearing it, the Princess increasingly sad heart.
She cried and told all complained kesahnya on the Mbok, the Princess's nanny.
"Mbok, I must help kang Suta. Pity him, though I was saved by it .. Now I turn to reply budinya. Mbok Help me."
Hearing that the Princess's nanny to feel sorry for him, then one night he quietly slipped into the jail and succeeded in bringing Suta somewhere.
In the place that the Princess was ready with his horse.
Then they left the Duchy to a horse. They masquerade as the villagers so that they do not recognize. Having considered further. They stopped at the riverbank. They rested for a while to unwind. Then the princess
Suta treating pain that is still there.
Thanks to the patience and diligence of the princess treat Suta, Suta few days later finally recovered from his fever.
Because they feel comfortable in that place. So they decided to settle there. Place
That became known as Baturaden, which
means Batur and Raden (Maid and Employer or Duke)

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