In ancient times the area of ​​the eastern tip of East Java Province, there is a large kingdom ruled by a just and wise king. The king has a son named Raden Banterang handsome. Raden penchant Banterang is hunting. "This morning, I will hunt to the forest. Prepare a hunting tool, "said Raden Banterang to the servant. After hunting equipment ready, Raden Banterang accompanied by several attendants go into the forest. When Raden Banterang walking alone, he saw a deer crossing in front of him. He immediately chase deer until deep into the forest. He separated from his escorts.

"Where a deer that?" Said Raden Banterang, when it lost track of his quarry. "I'll keep looking until you can," his determination. Raden Banterang through the bush and forest trees. However, the game was not found. He arrived in a very clear river water. "Hem, nian fresh water of this river," Raden Banterang drink water with it, until she lost her thirst. After that, he left the rivers. But only a few steps to walk, suddenly surprised the arrival of a beautiful girl.

"Ha? A beautiful girl? Really he is a man? Lest Satan forest keepers, "mumbled Raden Banterang wondered. Raden Banterang ventured close to the pretty girl. "You're human or forest watchman?" Said Raden Banterang. "I'm human," she replied with a smile. Raden Banterang even introduce himself. Pretty girl was welcomed. "My name comes from the kingdom of Klungkung Surati." "I was in this place for saving themselves from enemy attack. My father had been killed in defending the royal crown, "Obviously. Hearing her words, Raden Banterang absurdly surprised. Seeing the suffering of the King of Klungkung's daughter, Raden Banterang immediate help and took her back to the palace. Soon they were married build a happy family.

One day, the daughter of the King of Klungkung to walk alone outside the palace. "Surati! Surati! ", Calling a man who dressed in rags. After watching his face, he realized that that was in front of him is his brother named Rupaksa. Rupaksa intentions are to invite her sister for revenge, because Raden Banterang had killed his father. Surati told that he would diperistri Raden Banterang since been indebted. That way, Surati not want to help call his brother. Rupaksa angry to hear the answer to her sister. However, he could provide a memorable form of a headband to Surati. "Tie this head should you keep under your bed," the message Rupaksa.

Surati meeting with his brother is not known by Raden Banterang, because Raden Banterang was hunting in the forest. When Raden Banterang surrounded by a forest, his eyes suddenly surprised by the arrival of a man dressed in rags. "Tuangku, Raden Banterang. Mr. Safety in danger of being planned by the wife of his own master, "said the man. "You can see the evidence, with a view of a headband is placed under the peraduannya. Tie the head belonged to a man who asked for help to kill you, "he explained. After saying those words, a man dressed in rags that had mysteriously disappeared. Raden troubled Banterang heard reports that the mysterious man. He was immediately returned to the palace. After arriving at the palace, Raden peraaduan Banterang go directly to his wife. Looking for a headband that has been told by a man dressed in rags that had met in the forest. "Ha! True word man! This headband as proof! Do you plan going to kill me by asking for help to the owner of this headband! "He accused his wife of Raden Banterang. "Is that balasanmu me?" Said Raden Banterang. "Do not just accused. Adina did not mean to kill Kakanda, let alone ask for help to a man! "Surati said. However Raden Banterang remain at its founding, that his wife had helped it would endanger his life. Well, before his life is threatened, Raden Banterang first want to harm his wife.

Raden Banterang intend to drown his wife in a river. After arriving at the river, Raden Banterang tells of meeting with a man in rags when hunting in the forest. The wife also told of meeting with a man dressed in rags as explained her husband. "The man is the sister of Adina. It was he who gave a headband to Adina, "Surati explain again, for Raden Banterang melted his heart. However, Raden Banterang continue to believe that she would harm herself. "Kakanda my husband! Open your heart and feelings Kakanda! Adina Kakanda willing to die for the sake of safety. But give the opportunity to tell about meeting Adina Adina by Adina brother named Rupaksa, "Surati said reminded.

"Brother Adindalah that will kill Kakanda! Adina demand help, but Adina tolah! ". Hearing this, the liquid heart Raden Banterang not even think his wife was lying .. "Kakanda! If it becomes clear river water and fragrant smell, meaning Adina is innocent! However, if still turbid and foul odor, then Adina guilty! "Called Surati. Raden Banterang consider her remark was absurd. So, Raden Banterang immediately drew his dagger tucked in his waist. Simultaneously it also, Surati jump into the middle of the river and disappeared.

Not long after, there was a miracle. Nan fragrant smell spreading in the surrounding rivers. Seeing the incident, Raden Banterang exclaimed in a trembling voice. "My wife is innocent! Scented water this time! "What a sorry Raden Banterang. He lamented the death of his wife, and regretting his stupidity. But it was too late.

Since then, the river becomes fragrant smell. In the Java language called Banyuwangi. Banyu meaning fragrant water and meaning fragrant. The name later became the name of the town of Banyuwangi Banyuwangi.

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