danau ranu grati
Ki Ageng
snake eggs
sanca in
paralyzed. After taking an egg
pythons that, miraculously feet
Purwosari healed. But
a pair of giant pythons
owner of a tantrum in the egg
Bangil village, for
the egg. Pair
pythons was successful
defeated Ki Ageng Bangil
with golden stick
magic. Know if the eggs are
drink to his wife, snake
reticulatus curse, if
children who were conceived
Purwosari will soon be born
with scaly snake skin.
Curse it really happened,
for baby girl
Purwosari born, her skin
berisisik like a snake. To
cover disgrace, Ki Ageng Bangil
evacuate children and his wife
in a hut in the middle
forest. But Purwosari very
love his child and given
Grati name. A pair of pythons
informed, that the scales of snakes
Grati skin will be lost if
nothing worked out
ruby mustika from the
body. But the red mustika
pomegranate that must be submitted If mustika it out but
lost, Grati be eaten
instead. Feel
guilty, Ki Ageng Bangil
throw gold stick in
10 years passed. Grati grow
as a little girl scaly snakes.
He was not allowed out of the
forest and just play
with various types of snakes,
including a pair of pythons
is always watching and
protect. Once upon a time, there
boy (Ranu) lost
in the woods and stuck mud
live. Grati help. Since
Ranu Grati's and friends.
Meanwhile in the village of Pakis, Ki
Lurah Pakis (father Ranu)
who want to take the gall
Instead, the king cobra snake taxable
stake. Due to the snake, Ki
Lurah Pakis ill
tengleng head. According Ki
Sronen (snake charmer) ill
Lurah Ki tengleng head fern
can only be cured with
mustika snakes. Hunting ularpun
immediately. Grati and the
snake resistance. But
magic flute blown Ki
Sronen able to paralyze
all of snakes. Even Grati constrained
helpless by voice
flute. Seeing the red light
pomegranate emanating from the chest
Grati, Ki direct Sronen sure,
if mustika snake in
Grati body. With distilled
magic, Ki Sronen trying
mustika out of
Grati body. Seizures Grati
the flute sound. Surprisingly,
snake scales body Grati
berontokan and became
gold pieces. Ki Lurah Pakis
and his wife are greedy, soon
collected all the pieces of gold
that. After the final scales
regardless, color mustika
ruby is also out of
Grati body. With
drinking water immersion mustika
that, tengleng headache Ki
Lurah Pakis successful
healed. Ki Ageng Bangil
mustika seeking it
to be returned to the
a pair of pythons. But Ki
Lurah Pakis do not want
provide mustika, except
exchanged for gold stick
Ki Ageng Bangil property. Because
gold rod was removed
dikawah volcano, Grati
intend to take it. Secretly
Ranu follow. After
through various obstacles,
Ranu and Grati successful
took the gold cane.
But Ki Lurah Pakis do not want
mustika menyerhkan snakes.
Even Pakistan and Lurah Ki Ki
Instead, the race Sronen
known gold cane magic
that. Grati upset, stuck
gold stick on the ground. Ki
Ferns and Ki Lurah not Sronen
able to pull it out. Even
all the villagers who
want to have a gold wand
also no one can
pull. According to Ki Ageng
Bangil, which could take
only children who are still sacred,
clean heart and mind
clear, with no intention to
have. Finally Ranu and
Grati willing to take
gold stick, origin given
mustikanya. Ki Lurah Pakis
provide mustika at Grati.
Ranu and Grati successful
revoke the gold stick
easily. But the hole
tancapan former golden rod,
and water radiant pieces
gold pieces. Residents in
snatch menghumpulkan
gold pieces, while Ki
Pakis Lurah stick fight
with Ki Sronen. Ki Ageng
Bangil immediately take away
Ranu and Grati and
some residents who want
displaced away from the village
Ferns. In a short time,
muncratan water into the flood
even the powerful. Ki Lurah
Ferns and Ki which Sronen
snatch gold sticks, and
citizens who fought
collect the pieces,
all go drown
because the village had Pakis
turned into a lake. Lake
was then given the name Ranu

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