Once the ancient times in Central Java, there are two neighboring kingdom, the Kingdom of Pengging and Boko. Pengging is fertile and the kingdom prospered, led by a wise king named Prabu Damar Moyo. Prabu Damar Moyo has a son named Raden Bandung Bondowoso, a gallant knight and magic. While the kingdom led by King Boko denawa (giant) cruel cannibal named Prabu Boko. In the reign of his kingdom, King Boko assisted by a named Regent Gupolo Patih which also is a giant. However, despite coming from the giant, Prabu Boko has a very beautiful princess called Loro Jonggrang beautiful. Prabu Boko desire to expand his empire and take over the kingdom Pengging, because it was with Patih Gupolo and they trained an army of the people taxed to finance the war.

After proper preparation, Prabu Boko and invaded the kingdom hosts Pengging. Great battle erupted between soldiers Pengging royal royal and imperial army Boko Pengging. Many casualties from both sides. As a result of this battle Pengging people suffering from hunger, loss of possessions, many of them are dead. By defeating the attackers, Prabu Damar Moyo sent his son, Prince Bandung Bondowoso to fight against King Boko. The battle between them was so great, and thanks to the miracle of Bandung Bondowoso defeated and killed King Boko. When he heard Gupolo Patih lord's death, he immediately fled back to the royal retreat Boko.

Prince Regent Bandung Bondowoso Gupolo to chase back to the kingdom Boko. When he arrived at Gupolo Patih Boko Palace, he immediately reported the death of King Boko's news to the Princess Rara Jongrang. Hearing the news of the princess was sad and lamenting the death of his father. After the kingdom fell into the hands Boko Pengging army, Prince Bandung Bondowoso burst into the palace (palace) Boko. When I first saw Princess Loro Jonggrang, Bandung Bondowoso instantly captivated, enchanted princess beauty extraordinary. We also fell in love Bandung Bondowoso and Loro Jonggrang apply to become his wife. But the princess refused the proposal, of course, because he did not want to marry the murderer of his father and colonial country. Bandung Bondowoso continue to persuade and insisted that the princess would dipersunting. Loro Jonggrang finally willing to marry by the Bandung Bondowoso, but before he filed two conditions are unlikely to be granted. The first condition was that he asked for a well made Jalatunda called wells, the second condition is the princess asked Bandung Bondowoso to build a thousand temples for her. Although the conditions were very heavy and impossible to fulfill, Bandung Bondowoso menyanggupinya.

Soon the prince with his power successfully completed Jalatunda wells. After the wells completed, proudly showed the prince his work. Princess Loro Jonggrang trying to trick the prince by persuading him to come down into the well and examine it. Bandung Bondowoso Setelang into the wells, the princess ordered to close Gupolo Patih and wells with stone pile, burying alive Bondowoso. However, Bandung Bondowoso a powerful magic and powerful got out by breaking the rock pile. The prince had burned anger princess trick, but thanks to the beauty and persuade rayunya, the princess managed to extinguish the anger of the prince.

To realize the second condition, the prince meditating and calling spirits, jinns, devils, and dedemit from the earth. With the help of these spirits of the prince managed to complete the 999 temples. When Loro Jonggrang heard that a thousand temple was almost finished, the princess tried to thwart Bondowoso task. He woke court ladies in waiting and the village women to begin to pound rice. He then ordered the burning of straw on the east side. Thought that the morning had arrived and soon the sun will rise, the spirits fled in terror to hide back into the earth. As a result only 999 successful temples built and Bandung Bondowoso has failed to meet the proposed requirements Jonggrang East. When he learned that it is the result of fraud and deception Jonggrang East, Bandung Bondowoso very angry and cursed into stone Jonggrang East. Then the princess turned into a beautiful statue to fulfill the last temple. According to this story Queen Boko Palace site near Prambanan is the palace of King Boko, while the 999 temples that are not completed now known as the Temple Sewu, and statues of Durga in the north of the main temple at Prambanan is the embodiment of the princess who was condemned to rock and still remembered as Lara Jonggrang which means "slender girl".

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