Meaning: Makara

Symbol: Goat

Period: December 22-January 19

NATURE Dominant

A hard worker with great ambitions, that's Capricorn. Although something that it faces is something that is difficult, Capricorn never give up. They were usually snobbish and pessimistic in the face of something that is not pleasing in his heart. But Capricorn is someone who is reliable, smart, honest and loyal. They are also candidates for a good leader, but a bit excessive so that tends to dominate the others, especially his best friend. Capricorn is also easily moved, because her feelings are sensitive and very sensitive, and because it is also he easily offended.


Capricorn is a jealous. He always keep suspicions that exaggerated the partner, but he is a loyal type of person. When you love someone, he would always love him and would not turn to someone else. He also will give more attention and affection to their beloved ones. Conversely, if he does not like someone, he would not hesitate to reject without regard to other people's feelings.

Suitable match for Capricorn: Virgo, Taurus and Pisces.

Mate that is not suitable for Capricorn: Libra and Aries.


Capricorn is a bit shy in starting a relationship, but when it's friendly, he could be a true friend who was willing to sacrifice for his friend and trustworthy. But if anyone hurt her, in a flash Capricorn can turn into a vindictive and do not care about other people's feelings.


Simple and not excessive, so the way people dress Capricorn. Although he was an affluent and wealthy, he preferred to look as it is and are reluctant to boast.


Clearly, Capricorn is a hard worker, but he will not feel satisfied just if it gets a high position without working hard, he is more relaxed and relieved when his success came from hard work.

Suitable job for Capricorn:

Lawyers, Merchants, Doctors, Pharmacists, and Journalists


Selective and not just choose, that's the attitude of Capricorn in choosing a life partner. Because, once he chooses someone, then he will not turn away from him for ever. He also will defend desperately marriage and being faithful to their partners.


Generally, Capricorn people have good fortune. Thanks to the honesty and kindness to help people who are bad, then good fortune never exhausted and always coming all the time. Moreover Capricorn open type of person who likes to spree-loving, so he would not experience financial hardship.

HUSBAND Capricorn

A family head is simple and clever frugality. Although her life on easy street, he does not like showing off their wealth to others. He is also a husband and father who disciplined and have principles to educate their children.

WIFE Capricorn

Good at managing money, saving and diligent saving, and smart to educate their children properly. It is also good at cooking and directing the husband to the ladder of success. He is also loyal and have a deep love for his family.


Pretty excited, but not excessive. He is quite romantic and warm in bed, but not too passionate.


Clever thrifty, honest, faithful, not pleasure-loving, soft hands, good fit and do not like bragging.


Pessimistic, insecure, selfish and jealous, and always want to control others and vindictive.


Monday, Thursday, Saturday

source:mahendra's blog

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