Meaning: Virgin

Symbols: Women

Period: August 23-September 22

NATURE Dominant

Critical, honest, likes to come clean and lightweight hand. Discipline and always do things carefully, aka perfectionist. Not happy to talk much, he preferred to work behind the stage, do not like to stand out. Believe in the future and do not hesitate to always move forward. Practical, sensitive, thinking with logic and smart. The man known Virgo fussy, like too worried about something, have a major obsession and love to criticize others. Although good at keeping their feelings and a bit shy, but he is jaunty and dare scold others when things do not pleased in his heart. It also suggests clever new opinions to be reckoned with. Establishment is firm like a rock and not easily forgive mistakes and vindictive people.


Like dreaming grandiose and hoping to get a perfect lover. Although he frequently criticized the appearance of her lover who is less satisfactory, but basically he is a lover of good and understanding.

A suitable mate for the Virgo: Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio, and Cancer.

Mate that is not suitable for Virgo: Gemini and Sagittarius.


Its jaunty and clever adjust to make it preferred in the association. Moreover, he is also a sweet kindness and love to help people unconditionally.


Never give up, would rather do the work behind the scenes. To achieve the goals and ideals, he did not know the word tired and willing to make sacrifices.

Suitable job for Virgo:

Pharmacists, Publishers, Lawyers.


Virgo people are usually harmonious marriage and happy, because it belongs to the faithful and always tried to act properly. He also could be a good mate, like cooperation and understanding of her partner.


Good, its industrious and willing to work hard to make it always managed to overcome financial difficulties. Plus he was also generous and often do good, then her Fortune more shine.


Like to give advice, rather fussy, meticulous and likes to live a regular basis. Including people who cling to tradition, a bit stingy in terms of finance. Often feel anxious about losing what was gained.


Feeling fine, clever set of household and polite to anyone. Like with the neatness and cleanliness, with the situation, he would feel comfortable living in his house.


His passion warm and overflowing. Its very romantic and sensitive, making it like the sweet talk that immerses cooed before starting a relationship.


Resolute, did not know the word surrender, good at taking the right decisions, resourceful and a good mind to achieve success as desired. He was also among those who refused to budge, and selfless, helpful and humble.


Vindictive little selfish, like criticizing people with harsh words. When you are angry can utter the words rough and painful. Even when feeling hurt, it's hard for him to forgive the faults of these and will continue to keep it to myself. When you have become rich and successful, it tends to arrogant and reluctant to make friends with people who are beneath him. In addition, he also bossy and likes to find fault with others.

Wednesdays and Saturdays

source: mahendra's blog

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