How Life on Earth Destroying Asteroid

How Life on Earth Destroying Asteroid

Asteroid has repeatedly made life on Earth Hour. Purdue University researchers created a simulation for people to easily determine the impact of asteroids on earth.

People can choose whichever parts of the Earth will be destroyed and how much effect the damage. In fact, can choose how. Tsunami? Earthquake?. According to Professor Jay Melosh, earth and atmospheric scientist at Purdue University, the technology involves damage to the planet that even toddlers can use it.

Actually, the technology that made Melosh is a simulation that is easy to use. This media is presenting a variety of asteroids that could potentially destroy the Earth. By selecting the cosmic rock characteristics such as size, speed, density and so the approach angle, it will be known to damage resulting from collisions of material into Earth space.

That site is in addition to helping teachers provide information about physics and the history of asteroid collision to the students, also help NASA scientists and the U.S. Defense Department study the worst scenario to Earth asteroid collision.

Own solar system has always been a place to show off the collision of matter given the large amount of dust and rock outer space. About 100 tons of dust from comets and asteroids hit Earth every day. This includes rocks at cars, though broken in the atmosphere before it actually reaches the ground. However, every 100 years, great material close to the earth.

For example on June 30, 1908, an asteroid which is estimated to 37 meters in diameter, fell on the River Tunguska, Siberia. It creates an explosion as high as 8500 meters and is equivalent to 185 atomic energy that destroyed Hiroshima. In addition, very wide Barringer Crater in Arizona Padang, probably due to 50-meter wide asteroid that hit the earth 50 thousand years ago. Dinosaurs estimated destroyed by 14 kilometers wide asteroid that hit Earth 65 million years ago.

Since 1995, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), NASA considers the attack as the most serious asteroid. They track asteroids near Earth with the help of the Palomar Observatory at the California Institute. Although JPL sent many warnings, but the asteroid danger still exists.

Last April, for example, an asteroid named 2010 GA6 near the Earth with a distance of 270 thousand miles. This is just a little farther than the distance of 30 thousand months. Three months earlier, another object even at a distance of 76 thousand miles.

Program to keep the Earth not only made the U.S. Defense Department and NASA, but also the U.S. Air Force, United State Geological Survey (USGS) and the governments of other countries. They create scenarios pascabenana and explore technologies that can track the arrival of an asteroid. The method includes the use of unmanned spacecraft.

Studies using web media sooner, though less academic in publicizing the impact of an asteroid. Asteroids can cause unforeseen factors such as the impact of kilotons of energy, the radius of the debris of asteroids and other.

In fact, this calculation is very important to determine the potential impact of disasters, said John Spray, director of the center of planetary and space sciences at the University of New Brunswick, Canada. However, this simulation is widely used is positive because government agencies and scientific groups to study the events space.

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