Chilling Facts About Journey Into Space

Chilling Facts About Journey Into Space

You aspire to become an astronaut? Or dreamed want to take a walk into space? Do not merely think of beautiful things beautiful. As quoted from the Discovery, there are several facts that "interesting" about the trip out of Earth's.

Living Wreck
Research and space exploration have sacrificed a life of living beings, especially animals. If you think the expense of monkeys and dogs in the laboratory testing the name of science on Earth, is bad enough, imagine this.

A number of early space missions involving the procedure of re-entry into Earth. Unfortunately, not all succeed the space shuttle. It is estimated that, now more carcasses of dogs and simian, monkey species similar to humans, which has become a mummy continue to orbit the Earth until now.

Air Leakage
Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov was the first walk in space in 1965 then. Unfortunately he was experiencing air leakage and experiencing stiff fabric that is not anticipated.

Material rigidity costume he attempted to force back into the capsule with difficulty. He was forced to reduce pressure inside the costume with a material risk that squash her into the costume.

Not finished there, Voskhod, which he rode the plane missed the point and landed near the Ural mountains. He was forced to remain inside the space capsule was inside until help arrives. Outside, the hungry wolf is waiting.

On May 5, 1961, astronaut Alan Shepard prefers to pee in my pants on the plane Freedom 7 that he was traveling. Andrew Chaikin, author describing the special outer space, travel in orbits so horrible.

He wrote that the toilet in space is shaped like a hat with a layer of packing tape on the edges. Astronauts need to apply or provide anti-bacterial coating after he was shitting.

Advice for the astronauts who had to meet the call of nature is: naked, prepare about one hour, and bring lots of Kleenex. Do it as soon as possible before the urine froze.

Sudden decompression
Three of the astronauts Soyuz 11 died when the plane took off when air pressure will go back into the atmosphere. In 1965, a technician from the Johnson Space Center, Houston, USA managed to live and tell the similar experience.

When he was in a vacuum chamber, an accident happens and by accident, space costumes that he used to lose pressure. Before he lost consciousness, which he felt was the sensation he feels moist on the tongue feels like a boil.

Not all experts agree about the symptoms of sudden decompression. However, few chances are swollen flesh, blood evaporate, burst eyeballs, and the outbreak of the lung.

You are still interested to go into space in the near future?

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