A long time ago, there lived a man named Tami Towjatuwa on the banks of the river area of ​​Irian Jaya.

The man was upset, because his wife is heavily pregnant have difficulty in giving birth to her baby. To help the birth of his son, he needs an operation that uses a sharp stone from the river Tami.

While I was busy looking for sharp rocks, he heard strange noises behind him. Towjatuwa surprised when he saw a large crocodile in front of him. He was very scared and almost fainted. Large alligator slowly moving toward Towjatuwa. Unlike other crocodiles, this animal has feathers from birds Kaswari on his back. So when the crocodile was moving, the beast looks very scary.

But when Towjatuwa want to escape, was greeted with a friendly crocodile and asked what he was doing. Towjatuwa any circumstances tell his wife. Even this magic crocodile said: "Do not worry, I will come to your house tonight. I will help your wife give birth. "

Towjatuwa home to his wife. With a very happy, he also tells about his meeting with a crocodile powerful.

That night, as promised, and even then entered the house of magic crocodile Towjatuwa. With its miracle, crocodile named Watuwe that help process the birth of a baby boy safely. He was named Narrowra. Watuwe predicted that someday the baby will grow into a reliable hunter.

Watuwe then reminded that Towjatuwa and his descendants did not kill and eat the crocodile meat. If the ban is violated then Towjatuwa and their children will die. Since then, Towjatuwa and its descendants promised to protect animals that were around the river Tami from the hunters.

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