A long time ago on the island of Bali, Klungkung precisely in the area there lived a king who holds Sri Sagening. He has a wife who is quite a lot. The last wife named Ni Luh Pasek. Ni Luh Pasek comes from the village of Panji and is a descendant of Kyai Pasek Gobleg. But the unfortunate fate of Ni Luh Pasek, when she was pregnant, she gently removed from the palace, she mated with Kyai Jelantik Bogol by her husband.

Grief somewhat reduced thanks to Kyai Jelantik Bogol affection sincere. After it was time she gave birth to a boy named I Gusti Gede Pasekan.

Baby named I Gusti Gede Pasekan increasingly large, as an adult he has great authority in the City Gelgel. He was much loved by the community leaders and ordinary people.

He also loved by Kyai Jelantik Bogol like abusing his own children. One day, when he was twenty years old, Kyai Jelantik Bogol call.

"My son," said Kiai Jelantik Bogol, "Now go thou to the Den Hill in the banner."

"Why should I go there, Daddy?"

"My son, that's the birthplace of your mother."

"Okay, Daddy. I will go there. "

Before leaving, Kyai Jelantik Bogol said to his son, "I Gusti, bring these two magic weapons, namely a keris called the New Ki Semang and a spear named Ki Tunjung Tutur. Hopefully you will be saved. "

"Okay, Daddy!"

On the way to the Mount this Den, I Gusti Gede Pasekan accompanied by forty men under the command of Ki and Ki Kadosot Dumpiung.

After four days of walking, they arrived at a place called Stone incense. There they spent the night. That night I Gusti Gede Pasekan and guarded by his mother's entourage took turns.

Middle of the night, suddenly came to a supernatural being of forest dwellers. With easy once I Gusti Gede Pasekan lifted to the shoulders of a supernatural being that so he can see the view out of the ocean and the land that lay before him. When he looked to the east and northwest, he saw a very remote island. Meanwhile, when he looked toward the south, the view was blocked by mountains. After a magical creature was gone, he heard a whisper.

"I Gusti, indeed a new area you see it will become regional powers."

I Gusti Gede Pasekan very surprised to hear that magical voice. But he also felt happy, is not that voice is a sign that at one point he would get a noble position, became the ruler of an area large enough.

Indeed, to achieve the glory of the people have to travel many difficulties at first.

He tells what he heard that his mother is magical.

His mother encouraged to continue to travel. The next day I Gusti Gede Pasekan entourage continued the journey full of obstacles. Although it is difficult and long journey, they finally managed to reach the destination safely.

On a day when he was in his mother's village, there was a menggeparkan events. There was a boat beached Panimbangan Bugis. At first the Bugis fishermen ask for help there, but they were unable to free a boat that ran aground.

Bugis boat captain was desperate, but the fishing village elders came to him.

"Only someone who can help you."

"Sir, let us say, anyone who can drag the marine boat?"

"A young man, but the magic and prestige boat." Replied the village elders.

"What's his name?"

"I Gusti Gede Pasekan!"

The next day the Bugis came to I Gusti Gede Pasekan. He said, "Please help us sir. If you managed to lift your boat, some of the contents of cargo boats will we leave to the Lord as a reward. "

"If that's a promise you, I will try to lift the boat had run aground," said I Gusti Gede Pasekan. For a big boat that ran aground off it, I Gusti Gede Pasekan issued two weapons heritage Kyai Jelantik Bogol.

He concentrates his mind. Not long later came the two ghosts of two weapons that heritage.

"Sir, what should I do?"

"Help me drag it into the boat that ran aground off the sea!"

"Good Lord!"

With the help of two supernatural beings that he had managed to drag the boat with ease.

Other people obviously could not see the presence of the spirits, they just saw I Gusti Gede Pasekan waving his hand pointed toward the boat.

Because of the fun, the Bugis were also kept his promise. Among the prize that there are two large gongs. Because I Gusti has now become a rich man, he was dubbed with the title I Gusti Panji Sakti.

Since the incident, the power I Gusti Panji Sakti, began to spread and spread everywhere. He also began to establish a new Kingdom in Den Bukit area.

At approximately the mid-17th-century capital of the kingdom was called by the name Sukasada.

Every day the Kingdom is increasingly widespread and growing and established a new kingdom. It lies slightly to the north of the city Sukasada. Prior to become the city, the area was a lot of trees on Buleleng. Therefore, the new royal center called Buleleng. Buleleng is the name of a fruit tree is unbelievably popular with bird turtledove. At the center of a new royal palace was founded, named Singaraja.

The name indicates that the occupant was a king who like lions valor. This is because I Gusti Panji Sakti is known as a highly powerful and heroic. If there are hordes of pirates or robbers who screwed up, the King also advanced to the battlefield with his soldiers, because it is fitting if his palace called Singaraja.

There are also saying that Singaraja means "haven king" '. It is said that when his court was still in Sukasada, the king often stop there. Thus, the word comes from the word Singaraja Shelter King.

The legend of the origins of the town of Buleleng and Singaraja city is believed the population of Bali is really never happened.

Panji Sakti's mother comes from the Sudra caste, namely the low on-Balinese Hindu community. This is very interesting, because someone who comes from the low can be a noble and glorious in the hard struggle and achieve their business goals.

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